Franklin Report Report Card for Ancient Tree Furniture in Chicago
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Ancient Tree Furniture
104A Skokie Valley Road
Lake Bluff, IL 60044
(847) 295-2740
Main Contact: Michael Schoenhoft
FR Rated
Furniture Repair & Refinishing

Services & Specialties
Furniture restoration and refinishing

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FR Review:
Ancient Tree's restoration and refinishing services are in high demand among well-heeled private clients on the Gold Coast and the North Shore. Michael Schoenhoft and his brother Robert started Ancient Tree 22 years ago, with some equipment Robert received in lieu of payment from a prior employer. We hear they've since put that equipment to good use.

Michael is charged with most of the in-shop antique restoration and finishing work, aided by two craftsmen, while Robert handles in-home touch-up and restoration assignments. Polishing, carving, finishes and reproductions of small pieces round out the company's repertoire, with dining room table refinishing a noted specialty. Clients report that Ancient Tree's service and quality are both excellent, and, what's more, its prices are reasonable. The firm charges hourly rates and offers free estimates.

Representative Client Comments:
"Unbelievable refinishing work—also fast and efficient.""Their work is beyond excellence.”

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