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Paul Shanks
3346 Main Street
Evanston, IL 60076
(224) 628-5821
Main Contact: Paul Shanks
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Furniture Repair & Refinishing
Fine Art Restoration
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FR Review:
Clients say Paul Shanks of Recherché breathes new life into antique furniture, some of which initially seems beyond repair. They praise not only the quality and creativity of his work, but also his reverence for every piece he works on. Recherché means "to look again"or "see once more,"and Shanks takes this translation to heart. One client describes a 19th-century sawbuck table as "splintered into bits and pieces"from a move. Believing it was destroyed forever, she turned to Shanks as a "last ditch effort."After he applied his master touch, no one could tell it had ever been damaged, she reports.

Shanks has worked in the conservation and restoration of fine antiques and primarily wood decorative objects for more than 25 years, and established his own firm 10 years ago. We're told that he'll take on most anything in addition to high-end antiques—weather vanes, totem poles and even a 280-pound hippo head. "If you can't imagine who can do it, I'd hope that we would come to mind," Shanks says. His talents include sculpture-base design, art and objects installation, plaster casting, gold leafing, brazing, concrete statuary repair and ivory carving.

Private clients, dealers, galleries, historical societies and museums seek out his skills. Cost is determined on a time-and-materials basis, and estimates are either given as a price, a range or a not-to-exceed figure. He will also transport items.

Representative Client Comments:
"One woman I know sends everything to him—she'd be lost without him.""I've used other people in other parts of the country to do similar types of work, but I feel truly blessed to have Paul so near to me.""I can't think of anything Paul can't do; I don't know anyone else who I would entrust my items to.""He's fastidious. People trust him and his work and go to him because they don't want to compromise on quality."

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