Franklin Report Report Card for Fraser Construction in Chicago
★ Franklin Report Card
Fraser Construction
8109 Ogden Avenue
Lyons, IL 60534
(708) 447-3262
Main Contact: Gale Fraser
Contractors - General

Services & Specialties
High-end residential remodeling

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FR Review:
Fraser is seen as the "old pro" of general contracting at the top of the residential market. For more than a generation, it has been tapped by designers and architects for every style of residential work, from Krueck & Sexton's sleek angles and glass to the aged refinement of historic dwellings, and in buildings ranging from stratospheric high rises to quaint or stately townhouses. The average Fraser job exceeds the million-dollar mark.

Its workmanship is not the only thing that puts Fraser on top of the referral list among Chicago's design cognizanti. Gale Fraser's own low-key demeanor, patience, and calming effect on designers and clients alike combine with his keen eye for reading plans and demand for quality, we're told, to play a large part in the firm's excellent enduring reputation. Described as "a gentleman of the old school," he succeeds his father in giving clients hands-on--and often hand-holding--attention. The firm's in-house carpenters are said to be top-notch. Pricing is commensurate with the firm's quality, experience and attention, but worth it, we're told, for the best that money can buy.

Representative Client Comments:
"Been around forever." "Extremely gentle when the decorator throws a hissy fit." "Everything achieved comes within budget." "Don't know how he makes money." "Very much a Midwesterner." "Made every last detail count." "Gale is a man of his word." "So completely outstanding. Delivered the most impeccable quality. Everything was taken care of before I could open my mouth."

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