Franklin Report Report Card for A and L Carpet Cleaners in Chicago
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A and L Carpet Cleaners
5306 North Virginia
Chicago, IL 62625
(773) 275-9648
Main Contact: Aurelio Aguila
FR Rated
Carpets & Rugs - Cleaning & Repair

Services & Specialties
Rug and upholstery cleaning

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FR Review:
References rave about the service they get from A and L Carpet, and they're not just talking about A and L's way with rugs. While cleaning wall-to-wall carpet and rugs for residential and commercial clients is the company's primary business, it will also clean upholstery and furniture and it has won the greatest gratitude from customers who have suffered flood damage. A and L's all-round cleaning service includes flood water removal—a genuine rescue mission for fine interiors. This is a family-run business, begun a decade ago by Aurelio Aguila. Customers say the workers are good at their job, honest and reliable. Plus, they move furniture and put it back in place at no extra charge. For all of this, clients tell us that A and L's prices are very reasonable.

Representative Client Comments:
"Honest and reliable. I have entrusted them with the keys of my house.”

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