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Michael La Rocca
150 East 58th Street, Suite 3510
New York, NY 10155
(212) 755-5558
Main Contact: Michael La Rocca
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Interior Designers & Decorators

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Opulent, fresh, elegant interior design

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FR Review:
Michael La Rocca has one of the finest reputations in the business for his classic design sensibility, exquisite quality products and strong client service. Typically beginning with a classical framework, La Rocca mixes time periods and provenance, creating rooms with personality, character and wit. Designs usually include high-quality woodwork, Regency details and a symmetrical overlay. Clients say his vast experience allows him to make the "absolute most"of their rooms, often transforming the fundamental disposition of the spaces themselves. It is said that his interiors are very "balanced,"creating highly livable environments with "serenity.”

After 13 years as David Easton's partner, La Rocca has been on his own for about 12 years. He focuses on just a few very well-heeled clients each year, mostly in the New York and Chicago areas. Patrons say that he listens well, is quite accessible even for out-of-town projects and delivers a complete package. Patrons also comment on the strong back office.

The firm charges a standard up-front design fee, retail on products and workroom and standard oversight fees (but no ongoing hourly design fee). Subcontractors say he is among the most creative and most professional in the industry. Supporters comment on La Rocca's preference for the highest quality products, which are appreciated and considered well worth the cost. KB 1991.

Representative Client Comments:
"He is a gentleman and a scholar.""He can always find the perfect solution, even when there may have been a difference of opinion between my husband and myself.""He likes creating magic for his clients.""They develop constant checklists and punch lists, and really fight for their clients.""He is a finisher.""I have worked with Michael for over five years, and we have never had a disagreement.""While they are sensitive to budget, Michael really encourages you to use the best.""It was the most civilized experience you could imagine. Michael was always willing to hop on a plane and he never gets rattled.""A master at scale and proportion.""He makes you feel as if you are the most important person in the world.”

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