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Cara Young & Associates Inc.
1750 Braeside Lane
Northbrook, IL 60062
(847) 753-9999
Main Contact: Cara Young
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Interior Designers & Decorators

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Streamlined, practical interior design with flair

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FR Review:
Appreciated for her refined integration of natural woods, distinguishing accents of color and excellent business sense, Cara Young is strongly recommend by clients. While favoring a contemporary sweep, including a strong element of built-in furniture, she brings comfort and livability to her designs, and responds to clients' interests.

The firm was established ten years ago, after Young received her MBA and worked in advertising. Young takes on just a few clients a year, and then is fully involved in most every detail. Most clients are within a ten-minute drive of her Northbrook office for increased efficiencies. Patrons appreciate her hands-on approach and often hire her for their second projects.

Clients commend Young for her practical, good judgement and for making the most of their budgets. She will judiciously use Pier I or Target products and mix them with the finest quality woodwork. She charges an upfront retainer, a very low hourly fee (not for administration) and a very low product markup. Living rooms are generally in the $75,000 to $100,000 range, despite her low fees, because she favors the best upholsterers and painters. Clients say she is much more interested in the process and in making clients happy than in making a profit. ASID.

Representative Client Comments:
"She worked with me to find something beautiful within my budget and she encouraged me to keep a lot of what we already owned." "She had great taste and took great care to make the home comfortable for my children.""She is beyond smooth and organized. We would discuss something, she would jump into her car and 30 minutes later it was done." "She is so capable, has fabulous resources and is always available." "She watches my money more closely than I do." "I am very grateful to work with someone who has such great taste, is so reasonable and also remarkably smart."

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