Franklin Report Report Card for Eric Ceputis in Chicago
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Eric Ceputis
701 Ingleside Place
Evanston, IL 60201
(847) 864-1124
Main Contact: Eric Ceputis
Painters - Decorative, Wallpaperers & Colorists

Services & Specialties
Trade only -- decorative painting and historic patterning

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FR Review:
Ceputis's work is truly at the top of the line. He advises on both color and pattern. References tell us they admire his ideas and creativity as much as his skill, and they also enjoy his friendly manner and good service. After studying graphic design and design history at Yale, Ceputis worked as an assistant muralist in Paris before returning to his hometown of Chicago 13 years ago. Despite this training and experience, he does not do scenics or murals.

One of his specialties is replicating historic graphic patterns on walls and floors. These are either stenciled or hand painted and glazed in several colors. Another is the labor-intensive art of applying tinted plaster. Ceputis mixes the plaster to achieve the perfect hue a client calls for and then applies it in a process that takes multiple layers, plus continual polishing and waxing. Residents say their walls invigorate and add such beauty and exclaim they have never seen anything like it. Ceputis is recommneded without reservation by many of the highest quality decorators in town.

Representative Client Comments:
"Eric's the best. He's terrific—he's full of bright ideas and makes intelligent decisions and choices. Then the execution of those ideas is fabulous.""He's very neat and clean on site.""He helped my decorator and me with colors and made custom walls that just glow.""A really nice guy, and he made my home go from lovely to gorgeous.""A unique young man."

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