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Interiors II
1827 North Sedgwick Street
Chicago, IL 60614
(312) 280-8260
Main Contact: Barbara Leoni, Jim Zidlicky
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Interior Designers & Decorators

Services & Specialties
Luxurious, updated traditional with flair

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FR Review:
Applauded for their high-quality, traditional designs with updated appeal, Barbara Lione and Jim Zidlicky are consistently mentioned among Chicago's very top traditional design firms. Patterns, florals and toiles are often combined for a layered, multi-generational effect. Clients say that the pair takes pleasure in incorporating their design interests and vision. While better known for their classical design sensibilities, they can also do more neutral palettes and more modern furnishings with ease. Regardless of the style, the firm is commended for their designs of notable grace, scale and proportion.

A small firm, Interiors II is known for being quiet and discrete. Clients include world-class art dealers, entrepreneurs and businessmen with an eye for the finest. While maintaining the highest standards and usually working with good-sized budgets, the firm has a variety of sources to offer economic choices.

Representative Client Comments:
"They are great listeners and most accommodating.""Colors, and particularly wall coloration and finishes, are a specialty.""Barbara adds joy, warmth and interest with delicate plays of fabrics, wall and floor coverings.""Their interiors are simultaneously comfortable and beautiful and look as if they could have been created over generations.”

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