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Leslie Jones & Associates, Inc.
1123 West Washington, 2nd Floor
Chicago, IL 60607
(312) 455-1147
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Interior Designers & Decorators

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Refined, tailored, yet inspired interior design

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FR Review:
Leslie Jones is heralded as one of Chicago's top designers by clients and peers alike. Expertly blending clean architectural lines, classical furnishings and play of textural patterns and cultures, Jones creates a refined balance and a "delight for the senses."With a respect for both the modern and the traditional, Jones is said to work toward the highest quality, creating designs of integrated flow and clear reserve.

Jones's pedigree is made up of a Who's Who in Chicago interior design. With degrees in art history and interior design, work at a commercial firm was followed by experience with Himmel, Bonner and Bruce Gregga. The firm was established in 1993 and currently has nine employees, including several strong project managers. Jones works collaboratively with her team, completing about 10 to 12 projects each year. Most of the Chicago commissions are on the Gold Coast and in Lincoln Park, with several on the North Shore. Many patrons have serious art collections, while others are intent upon building one. All laud Jones for her refined design sensibility, professionalism and specific direction.

Jones shops way beyond the Mart, finding unique sources throughout the world. She is said to be particularly knowledgeable about contemporary art, but also loves contextual textiles: historic Indonesian skirts, Amish quilts, Indian saris, ancient Peruvian cloths and Oriental rugs. Living rooms are generally in the $125,000 to $300,000+ range. Detailed line-item budgets are prepared up front and updated regularly. The firm charges standard product markups and lower hourly rates (no fee for administration). Jones economically encourages her clients to share in her passion for the highest quality furnishings including exceptional collections. Customers are often lifetime subscribers, with Jones's skills passed from one family member to the next. ASID.

Representative Client Comments:
"Leslie is the captain of our design ship." "She took my fairly normal contemporary-style house and transformed it with discretion and clarity." "No one questions her design brilliance, but this focus tends to come in waves." "With defined touches, museum-quality fabrics and extraordinary woodwork, Leslie constructed a crystallized, yet comfortable setting." "She is always reachable, but she is not exactly sitting at my doorstep." "They did everything, including the sheets and candles." "Leslie offers the here and now." "Leslie inherently understands what is appropriate for our interests and our lifestyle, and offers the absolute best available."

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