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Alan Design Studio
2134 North Damen Avenue
Chicago, IL 60647
(773) 278-2345
Main Contact: Jean and Ruthie Alan
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Interior Designers & Decorators

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Sophisticated, yet off beat interior design

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FR Review:
Jean and Ruthie Alan are respected for their ability to balance comfortable livability and forward-edged, contemporary design. The mother-and-daughter team is adept at creating eclectic and unique settings that can combine the best of the mid-20th century, Art Deco, Asian and Italian styles. Connecting particularly well with creative-minded clients, this team will work on just a few custom pillows, a few pieces of vintage furniture or a whole house.

The duo's breadth of skills and flair for the dramatic is rooted in Jean's 20 years of experience in motion picture set decoration, including set work for The Blues Brothers, and Ruthie's degree in art and masters in business communications. The firm began in 1994 and has remained a boutique, taking on just a handful of new projects each year. While most of their projects are residential, commercial projects include work on the 404 Wine Bar and the women's clothing store, Ikram.

The firm charges a reasonable retainer based on the scope of work, standard hourly rates (administration included) and a standard product markup on all third-party products. Living rooms typically are in the $50,000 range for a full design. The team generally shuns mass-produced goods and reportedly searches "the ends of the earth"for interesting, lesser-priced, vintage alternatives. An excellent array of these possibilities are showcased in the firm's retail showroom. The Alans are said to be budget sensitive, flexible and expert at managing clients' design expectations. Clients remain very loyal, remarking that the designers always rise to the next challenge.

Representative Client Comments:
"I thought that I just wanted to buy one chair, but it was so much fun that I ended up re-doing the entire apartment." "My bedroom of chartreuse silk, accented with raspberry, makes me smile every time I see it." "I cannot imagine buying anything without Jean." "They use color in an artistic dimension to bring life to their works." "They quickly became the liaison/GC between the architects, engineers, building contractor and the city zoners—we were so appreciative." "Jean remains so hip and entertaining, she will always be on the leading edge with quite a following.”

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