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Nate Berkus & Associates
311 West Superior Street, Suite 110
Chicago , IL 60610
(312) 642-0404
Main Contact: Nate Berkus
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Interior Designers & Decorators

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Modernist interior design with warmth and soul

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FR Review:
Nate Berkus is recognized as one of the leading new design lights of Chicago. He has established a fresh minimalist style based on a carefully edited mix of antiques and innovative modern elements. While clients describe Berkus as clean, modern and "edgy,"they also praise his ability to create environments with warmth and character. Natural surfaces, including limestone, marble, bronze and cashmere, are favored. Patrons say his spaces are always a window to the client's lifestyle and imagination.

Patrons wax effusive about Berkus's engaging personality, obvious love of the design process and knowledge of furnishings. He worked for Leslie Hindman Auctioneers for a few years before starting his own firm in 1994. Clients range from the young and trendy who are designing their first lofts, to the most well-established of the northern suburbs to empty-nesters looking for a whole new city look. Berkus is known to be as enthusiastic and creative in designing a basement as in creating a complete renovation. While spearheading most of the design decisions, he uses a number of experienced project managers to handle day-to-day operations.

The firm charges an up-front deductible retainer, a standard hourly rate and standard product markup. Project managers are billed at lower rates. Clients say that Berkus defines and keeps to the budget. Definite in his stylistic instincts, he works with either the "real thing"or a lower-price-point knock-off, but nothing in between. He searches for pieces in flea markets, old furniture shops and auctions, then covers these finds in rich, "intriguing"fabrics. When he cannot find the perfect furniture piece, he has it fabricated. Berkus's signature style can be seen at Maison, his River North showroom at the address above, which displays pieces found during his frequent forays to Europe and across the States. HB Top Designers 2004. Elle Decor 2016, AD 100 2019.

Representative Client Comments:
"He is delightful and kept me happy throughout the entire process.""Nate was terrific about not offering any products outside our budgetary range.""He and his project manager almost drove the wood flooring guys crazy. They made them keep at it until the stain was just right.""While he has a well-defined opinion, he always works to find the right compromise.""He was so good about incorporating my existing furniture into the plans in a graceful and appropriate manner.""I have recommended him to all my friends.”

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