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Marshall Koral Pro Furniture Service
3148 A West Lake Avenue
Glen View, IL 60618
(847) 998-1355
(815) 200-3630
Main Contact: Marshall Koral
Upholstery & Window Treatments

Services & Specialties
Antique furniture restoration

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FR Review:
Marshall Koral, a third-generation European craftsman, has been in the business for almost 50 years. He follows in the footsteps of his grandfather, who built custom furniture for the Tsar, and his father, who also crafted custom furniture. Although Koral no longer makes furniture, he applies the depth and breadth of his skill to antique restoration, French polishing, refinishing, caning, reupholstering, metalwork and on-site touch-ups and polishing. His main business is restoration of American and English antiques, but he also works on Chinese calamander screens. Sources tell us that both the trade and private clients seek out his refinishing skills on the basis of his expertise, knowledge and competence. Estimates are generally free, unless extensive travel time is required.
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