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Academi Decorative Art & Design
402 Robertson Boulevard, Suite 5
Los Angeles, CA 90048
(310) 291-2315
Main Contact:  Yari Horilczenko
FR Rated
Painters - Decorative

Services & Specialties
Lifelike decorative painting; authority on Lime wash technique

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FR Review:
"Authentic" is the word that best describes the hand-painted work and custom colors of Academi Decorative Art & Design.

Purist Yari Horilczenko can transform an ordinary column into a convincing piece of marble; or he may paint a hand-finished vaulted ceiling to truly resemble the sky. Sources say a talent for mixing his own paints supports Horilczenko's creativity and marvelous eye. The environmentally-conscious Horilczenko is known to use Old-World recipes and techniques; his Lime wash paint, with its natural insect repelling qualities, is the same used on structures throughout the Mediterranean and temperate Europe, and his fresco paintings, made with natural earth-ground pigments, give the finished product "a genuine vibrancy" not possible with synthetics.

Prior to transforming homes in LA's celebrated communities, Horilczenko was a skilled artisan working in Australia and England, with praises from clients around the world. Often Horilczenko starts with a paintwork job and ends up serving as a consultant on the entire room. Collaborating with some of the most well-known decorators and designers in the business, Horilczenko has adapted ancient and historic methods to the conditions of modern-day interiors and exteriors, creating gorgeous ancient-looking frescoes on some very new walls. Clients say Horilczenko's knack for infusing each project with a unique character justifies the expense.

Representative Client Comments:
"Talented, fun to work with and most importantly—innovative." "I am never disappointed." "Yari is wonderful—a brilliant artist with creative vision." "Incredible color sense."

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