Franklin Report Report Card for Meurice Garment Care in New York City
★ Franklin Report Card
Meurice Garment Care
31 University Place
New York, NY 10003
(212) 475-2778
Main Contact: Wayne Edelman
Dry Cleaning & Laundry

Services & Specialties
A pioneer in garment care

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FR Review:
Wayne Edelman has been in the business so long that he is credited with coining the phrase "garment care." He began using the term in the 80's, as he transformed his family's run-of-the-mill dry cleaning shop into a full-service firm offering innovative cleaning techniques, damage restoration, tailoring and preventive upkeep. Today, Meurice has the equipment and experience to tackle just about any job, from revitalizing your favorite power suit to removing coffee stains from an old suede jacket.

Repeat customers appreciate how Meurice goes the extra mile, which includes removing buttons prior to cleaning and sewing them back on after, to ensure that no damage befalls them during the cleaning process. Garments are cleaned at the company's 15,000 sq. ft. facility in the Bronx and returned in Meurice's signature purple wrapping. Customers can choose between complimentary pick-up/drop off and visiting one of three retail locations, including the flagship store in Greenwich Village.

Meurice prices are high-tier, though slightly below Madame Paulette. Loyal Meurice customers, which includes the likes of fashion houses such as Prada, Gucci and Loro Piana, are happy to pay the price for special pieces because the quality is "just that good." For more everyday items, like dress shirts or sweaters, a less exacting cleaner may be just fine.

Representative Client Comments:
"Although prices are high-end, you definitely get what you pay for and I truly believe they keep my clothes lasting longer." "They've never disappointed." "The packaging is perfect." "Wayne is very approachable and the staff is utterly professional." "Great cleaner, but I found their upholstery cleaning prices outrageously expensive."

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