Franklin Report Report Card for Annette English and Associates in Los Angeles
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Annette English and Associates

6230 Wilshire Boulevard
Suite 1775
Los Angeles, CA 90048
(323) 556-3377
Main Contact: Annette English

Interior Design

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Services & Specialties
Timeless, elegant and highly personalized interior design

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FR Review:
With her deep belief that the home should be a sanctuary, Annette English works diligently to find each client's hidden design persona. As English and her clients develop and create together, rooms evolve with a quiet dignity of character, usually in homogeneous hues, tempered by characteristic highlights. All of English's interiors offer a restrained yet elegant reflection of the personality of the owner.

At the age of nineteen, English left her native Perth, Australia. For the next eight years she explored and lived throughout the world, experiencing London, New York, Turkey, Morocco and most of Europe and Asia. She eventually landed in San Francisco, where she designed and opened a dining hot spot. The decor received rave reviews, so—ever the entrepreneur—English embarked on a design career while working for a local preeminent interior designer collaborating on multi-million dollar residential and commercial projects. English started her firm in 1996 in San Francisco, moving her operation to Los Angeles in 1998. Currently there are seven on staff, working on three to five projects at a time. English is amenable to doing a few rooms for new clients and does everything in between including large scale new construction.

Noted for her clear project management skills and her straightforward, business-like approach, English charges either a flat design fee or a retainer is taken up front with a deductible against hourly fees. Standard product commissions are taken on purchases. Product choices are wide, with reasonable replicas and alternatives to the standard course. Clients enjoy the process and always applaud the final result.

Representative Client Comments:
"She took my vision and expanded on it, surprising me with the excellent results." "Flexible, accessible." "Services rendered with efficiency and promptness." "Great personality and wonderful taste." "Does what she promises." "Annette English created my dream home." "Annette is both creative and warm—a rare commodity in the world of interior designers." "A pleasure to work with. Annette understands her clients and leads them to creating a truly beautiful home that suits their every need." "She fulfills her mission statement—‘to find the client's unexpected yet perfect choice.'" "Annette is a real find."

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