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AZ Air Conditioning & Heating
7640 Tobias Avenue
Van Nuys, CA 91405
(800) 400-0227
Air Conditioning & Heating

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HVAC installation and service

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FR Review:
Boasting a staff of 250 and a large fleet of trucks, AZ is the largest HVAC firm in LA. The company's size is a key advantage in delivering better-than-average response times to service calls ("20 minutes if the stars aligned just right, under an hour normally") and an impressive reach: whether you're in Santa Barbara or Irvine, the company probably has a truck in the area. Founded in 1983 by Zack Giron, AZ has been around longer than most of the competition, and its "well-trained" (read: daily sessions) techs can deal with everything from rough-n-ready swamp coolers to high-end Honeywell units that chat with your smartphone.

AZ's focus is almost entirely residential, and they work across all levels of the market. For new installations, AZ is HERO-certified, making energy upgrades affordable for even the most budget conscious. For service work, they charge "competitive" flat fees layered on top of a reasonable minimum charge to send a truck out. Of course, with a firm this size, the occasional customer has a mixed experience. However, our references said AZ are "skilled generalists" and "true professionals."

Representative Client Comments:
"My gut was right on the money. Your crew was just as professional, courteous and responsive as you, and the job was completed without a glitch." "Your workers were professional, organized, neat and clean, and the job was completed in only two days!"

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