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Don Cribb
1016 1/4 North Sweetzer Avenue
West Hollywood, CA 90069
(714) 743-3215
Main Contact: Don Cribb
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Furniture Repair & Refinishing

Services & Specialties
Highly customized surface restoration and leather antiquing

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Don Cribb got into the furniture conservation business by chance when he helped unload a truck full of furniture on his day off as a volleyball teacher. As he was taking the last piece from the truck, decorator Rose Tarlow offered him a job in her workshop. After a long apprenticeship at area showrooms and decorating firms, Cribb started his own business in 1975. Today, Cribb expertly restores all kinds of English, French, Russian and Italian furniture dating as far back as the seventeenth century.

We're told Cribb "likes a tough customer" and strives to make each project glow with high quality and taste. Cribb's fan base even includes other craftsmen in the area, who often refer work to him. Cribb is known for his "gallery treatment," in which he inspects and delicately treats a piece of furniture as if it were a museum piece, keeping the original surface intact. Cribb's specialties include working with leather and wood, and applying "therapeutic finishes" involving different types of wax. He believes conservation is key, rather than constant refinishing, which diminishes the furniture's original patina and takes away most of its "character."

Cribb approaches each project very scientifically and seriously, going as far as studying the air quality of a home. Sources say that he has a thorough knowledge of fumigation techniques and understands how sunlight affects different kinds of furniture. He charges strictly by the piece. While he's not the most expensive in the area, Cribb's fees are definitely up there. But sources tell us they are justified due to the care and skill he brings to a job.

Representative Client Comments:
"He's the guy I go to when the situation exceeds even my expertise." "The consistency he applies to entire collections is unimaginable. And he does it all by eye." "Trained by the best and it shows." "The work looks like the original finish. That's the highest compliment."

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