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Master Finish
6826 Crenshaw Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90043
(310) 877-3537
Main Contact: Jacinto Villegas
FR Rated
Furniture Repair & Refinishing

Services & Specialties
Antique finishing with a specialty in all forms of faux finishes

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FR Review:
Insiders delight at the artistry of Luis Villegas, principal of Master Finish. We hear Villegas applies antique finishes to new furniture so well that it's virtually impossible to tell that a piece isn't hundreds of years old.

With more than 22 years of experience, Villegas developed his skills working for some of the city's best-known refinishers. He started his firm in 1987 and has carefully trained his staff of seven in the secrets of antiquing. We're told that the firm works on any kind of furniture, whether it is a new line from a showroom, or a bona fide French piece from the seventeenth century.

With his expert eye, Villegas can perfectly match the color of any Old-World finish, as well as apply crackle, whitewash and faux finishes to nearly any piece. Villegas's 9,000 square foot workshop can handle projects ranging from a single piece to a collection of 50. We hear that he works closely with decorators and will make house calls. Pricing is by the piece and is considered high end, as is the quality of the craftsmanship.

Representative Client Comments:
"For the untrained eye, it would be impossible to tell the difference between Luis's work and that of a seventeenth-century Frenchman."

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