Franklin Report Report Card for Valerie Newcomb Woods Antique Restoration in Los Angeles
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Valerie Newcomb Woods Antique Restoration
20058 Ventura Boulevard, Suite 142
Woodland Hills, CA 9135
(626) 791-4718
Main Contact: Valerie Newcomb
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Furniture Repair & Refinishing

Services & Specialties
In-home restoration, repair and refinishing

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FR Review:
Clients praise house-call specialist Valerie Woods for her artistic eye and appreciation for fine furniture. When Woods established her company more than 22 years ago, the idea of in-home restoration was a novelty. Today, 85 percent of Woods's work is house calls. Working like a mobile surgical unit for furniture, Woods and her staff do patinas and Old-World finish restorations on-site. We're told that crews arrive at homes equipped with their own lighting, tarps and sheets to ensure that no mess is left behind. When a job is done, the only proof of a crew's appearance is the perfectly restored piece of furniture.

Woods is sought after not only for her refinishing skills, but also for her knowledge as a teacher. She frequently leads discussions about furniture preservation and restoration. Given her expertise, it's no surprise that Woods's staff excels in French polishing. Though the firm is most often approached to work on English and Continental furniture from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, it has also worked with pieces of Portuguese and Asian origin.

In-home projects usually begin with the restoration of a single piece, but impressed clients often ask Woods to stay on for the maintenance of entire collections. The company takes on about one in-home project per week and it has been known to travel to Puerto Rico and New York City at a client's request. Sources tell us that Woods works with a privileged clientele that includes former presidents and entertainment royalty. While the company's prices aren't shy, clients say "you get what you pay for."

Representative Client Comments:
"She really is a teacher in every form." "A well-kept secret, but I guess she won't be anymore." "Her staff takes the job so seriously, it really is like an operating room when they get to work."

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