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Renaissance Floor Inlays
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Inlaid hardwood manufacturing, design, installation and service

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FR Review:
Renaissance man Eugene Klotz's exquisite inlaid designs grow out of the marquetry techniques of Renaissance and Baroque craftsmen. Klotz, who learned fine woodworking at the School of Arts and Crafts in Cieplice, Poland, has been among the most respected names in hardwood inlays since establishing Renaissance in 1989.

The company works with more than 30 species of both local and exotic wood. In the past, Klotz has embedded stones, granite, marble and even semi-precious gems in his hardwood floors. The firm's largely residential clientele is concentrated in Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego, but Renaissance has also done projects abroad, such as the Queen of Thailand's summer residence in Bangkok. Licensed, bonded and insured, Renaissance has received seven Floor of the Year awards from the NWFA. The firm's work has been featured in Architectural Digest and on Home & Garden Television. Insiders tell us that Klotz and his crew are dedicated to their craft, and insist that Renaissance's beautiful original designs, unique inlays and superior service justify its competitive prices.

Representative Client Comments:
"Beautiful Old-World floors." "Unparalleled quality." "Great fabrication." "Competent and reliable." "Their inlay work is unbelievable." "Incredibly creative." "Responsive." "Can fuse Old-World and cutting-edge seamlessly."

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