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Murphy's Touch
2029 Pontius Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90025
(310) 268-8285
Main Contact: Paul Murphy
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Furniture Repair & Refinishing

Services & Specialties
High-end furniture restoration and ebonizing

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FR Review:
Started in 1987, Paul Murphy and his staff of five handle the custom finishing and restoration of all kinds of fine antiques. Murphy's skilled restorers are said to keep antique pieces looking antique—but they also have a knack for making new pieces look old. Having worked for a king, museums and the Hollywood crowd, Murphy's Touch can pretty much replicate "whatever kind of finish you can come up with."

Murphy is a third-generation custom refinisher who worked for restorers in LA and in England before setting up his own shop. We're told that "his ebonizing is truly amazing" and that the company "turns jobs around very quickly." Murphy's Touch works largely through decorator referrals, doing in-home projects and workshop jobs finishing up to 100 pieces. Decorators will often ask the firm to work on all of the furniture in a house. Murphy's Touch also does architectural finishing for libraries, floors and paneled rooms. The company's fees are priced per piece, based on the time and amount of work put into each. Prices are said to be on the higher end, but "you don't pay until you're happy with the work" and all work is guaranteed.

Representative Client Comments:
"Absolute professionals, all of them." "Paul is an artisan, no doubt about it."

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