Franklin Report Report Card for Lucas Studio, Inc. in Los Angeles
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Lucas Studio, Inc.
752 North La Cienega Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90069
(310) 858-6884
Main Contact: Joe Lucas
Interior Design

Services & Specialties
Comfortable, elegant California interior design

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FR Review:
Guided by the light and color of the Pacific coast, Lucas Studio produces traditionally based interiors with California flair. Classical shapes with a hint of whimsy - you may find a nautilus shell or a lobster pattern here and there - balance subtle palettes of blue, green, beige and gray. In fact, Joe Lucas has been so influenced by the ocean that he named his retail showroom, Harbinger, after an antique wooden boat owned by his family. Despite being most famous for California style, Lucas Studio, Inc. has done residential projects from Florida to Montana and even New Jersey and Chicago.

Joe Lucas came to Los Angeles as an actor before managing the showroom at The Fainting Couch with Claudia Benvenuto. He then moved on to a position as a design assistant with Michael Smith where he met Parrish Chilcoat in 2002. Lucas left Michael Smith as a senior designer before teaming up with Chilcoat to form Lucas Studios in 2005; today Lucas is the sole owner.

Lucas Studio charges an average design fee, low-to-medium markup on net costs, and a high hourly, but he is willing to alter designs in order to stay on budget. One client told us, “There was a little bit of sticker shock at first, but when we explained that we needed to stay under a certain amount, he kept his word and actually came in under budget.” Lucas Studios has been heavily featured in the media including Traditional Home and House Beautiful. For their stylish yet comfortable elegance, Lucas Studios is growing a brand that exemplifies the West coast lifestyle.

Representative Client Comments:
“Found them to be relaxed and responsive.” “I felt like there was tremendous chemistry.” “They have a nice way of responding to you.” “We worked together for a year and a half, and they had such good senses of humor and were always so charming.” “There is a combination of relaxed elegance that is soothing and fits well into the feeling of luxury in my neighborhood, yet does not feel too formal.” “There were times when I did not get all of Joe’s attention because he was away on buying trips, but he ended up bringing back some amazing pieces from France, which I purchased, so I did not mind.” “I was taken aback by the price at first.” “We tweaked a few things here and there to keep it under budget.” “I see my relationship with Lucas Studios as long term, and I intend to work with them again.” "I know it sounds unbelievable, but they stuck perfectly to the timing and budget we agreed upon beforehand." "I love the touches of unexpected whimsy in my powder room."

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