Franklin Report Report Card for Lowrance Interiors Inc. in Los Angeles
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Lowrance Interiors Inc.

808 South Plymouth Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90005
(323) 655-9713
Main Contact: Jack Lowrance

Interior Design

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Services & Specialties
Luxurious, traditional-based interior design with vitality

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FR Review:
Representing the authentic look of the "Hollywood old guard," Jack Lowrance has very loyal patrons, some of whom he has led through a half-dozen projects. And nowadays, he's working with their children and grandchildren. With a professed love of the contemporary and a client base to the right of traditional, his interiors are most often a bona fide mix, centering on neoclassical, highlighting satins and gilt. Antiques play a central role, and generally there are one or two major stars in every scene. Architectural backgrounds are also of great importance, with Lowrance encouraging flow and balance.

Clients commend Lowrance for his common sense and accommodating nature, which is said to flow naturally from his Texas upbringing. Lowrance practiced commercial art and design after receiving training in the field from the University of Texas. His interests led him to interior design, and he opened an office in Palo Alto in 1963, moving to LA nine years later. Lowrance is noted to be especially good about stylishly bringing the accumulated objects of his customers' 50 years of marriage into a coherent whole. With a small but highly competent staff, about ten major projects are run a year. Most of his clients are successful businessmen who appreciate the straightforward process and can afford the quality.

Entire homes are usually undertaken and, more recently, large Westwood condos. Living rooms often feature extensive draperies and elaborate trims. The firm charges a low design fee, no hourlies and standard product markups (lower on auction and antiques). Lowrance is said to be insightful about judging the client's scope and setting a realistic, detailed budget that is usually met. Time and again, we hear that Lowrance really enjoys his clients and his clients really enjoy him.

Representative Client Comments:
"I have been using Jack for over 25 years. I depend on him." "He is as honest as the day is long." "A seasoned pro, he knows everyone and knows how to get it done." "He can be a busy dude, sometimes in France, but he is good about returning your calls." "Established society guy with very loyal, old-money clients." "In all these years, he has never delivered anything I did not like." "Jack works best when taking notes." "If anything is ever damaged, Jack will do all that is possible so you are not caught in the middle." "He really knows his fabrics and can always offer you a range of choices, both stylistically and economically." "Jack is not a snob, nor is he finicky." "The bills are always very clear." "You could not do any better."

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