Franklin Report Report Card for Scott Flax Studio in Los Angeles
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Scott Flax Studio
1119 Colorado Avenue, Suite 11
Santa Monica, CA 90401
(310) 393-3921
Main Contact: Scott Flax

Services & Specialties
Commissioned, site-specific painting; architectural colorist

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FR Review:
"King of Color" Scott Flax is praised by the decorators, architects and homeowners who hire him to transform architectural spaces with color and light. A "true collaborator," Flax is said to be experienced, knowledgeable, professional and "fun to work with." Coordinating a color palette while overseeing a team of artisans, Flax can "work magic" for his clients, merging his technical know-how with his "refined aesthetic sensibility."

Trained at the Pratt Institute in New York, Flax worked at EverGreene Studios as a decorative painter before heading to LA. He's been working for well-heeled clients ever since, most recently executing a lot of site-specific painting projects (primarily murals). If he's not working on a special mural, Flax is often hired to act as the "art director" on significant projects. Clients and peers say they love working with Flax and are willing to pay any price for the privilege, but this claim isn't tested by the reasonable Flax, who charges excellent rates.

Representative Client Comments:
"Scott's expertise with color made him the right choice." "He approaches each project as he would a painting."

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