Franklin Report Report Card for Steve Beattie Painting Inc. in Los Angeles
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Steve Beattie Painting Inc.
1766 West Ridge Road
Los Angeles, CA 90049
(310) 454-1786
Main Contact: Steve Beattie
Painters - Decorative, Wallpaperers & Colorists

Services & Specialties
Flawless straight and decorative painting

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FR Review:
It is not unusual to hear the words "make it perfect" on painting jobs run by Steve Beattie, for this is the mantra by which he works. Celebrities and business tycoons call on his team for everything from straight painting work to elaborate decorative finishes. Strié, Venetian plaster, parchment finishes and enamels are just a few of the techniques the company has mastered. Colorists, decorators and homeowners all say, "consider yourself lucky if Steve Beattie's brushes have touched your walls."

Beattie has been collaborating with some of Southern California's most prestigious high-end builders and designers since 1986, building a reputation for "flawless" painting. Sources tell us Beattie and his staff, most of whom have been with him as long as he has been in business, are extremely talented and have a genuine love for what they do, which leads to great camaraderie on the job. The firm's crews are known in the industry for taking the time to painstakingly prepare walls for paint—which, as any good contractor will attest, is the key to a beautiful job. With every nook and cranny cared for as if it were the centerpiece of the house, Beattie's team really does "make it perfect"—at prices that correspond to the serious attention paid to your walls.

Representative Client Comments:
"Huge crews—extremely skilled." "Three-quarters of their time is spent doing the prep, one-quarter of the time is in the painting—especially near the beach where durability is an issue." "Expensive, but they balance the line between a boutique firm and one that does high volume without losing the quality." "What they do is intense." "I want to keep touching my new enamel—it is like butter!"

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