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Lattanzi Construction
P.O. Box 49936
Los Angeles, CA 90048
(310) 476-8685
Main Contact: Chris Lattanzi
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High-end residential construction

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FR Review:
Clients sing the praises of this mini-major, a sole proprietorship that produces "amazing" work for vanguard architects like Tom Proctor. Chris Lattanzi limits his slate to keep a close eye on the product that bears his name. He takes on just two projects a year, each one an 8,000 to 12,000 square foot home budgeted in the $2 to $3 million ballpark, working with owners who have a strong connection to their architects. We're told the design-sensitive Lattanzi shows a reverence for scale and proportion that inspires flawless execution of historically correct homes. He also builds in contemporary design. The overwhelming majority of his work falls within the borders of Brentwood and Santa Monica.

Lattanzi hails from Portland, Oregon, where he was a carpenter by trade. After seeing his star rise as a supervisor for another builder in LA, he went solo. Clients confirm Lattanzi is a man of "great integrity, a good communicator" and someone they can "absolutely trust." They are most impressed with the great amount of pride Lattanzi takes in pitch-perfect construction. He himself says he can feel every beam in the floor when he's walking on it and can tell if a single one is out of whack. Not only does Lattanzi get along famously with his clients, they say he is "good at matching the personality of the homeowner" with everyone else he brings on the job. Ask anyone on a Lattanzi crew to do something, clients attest, and "they drop what they are doing and respond."

In the end, clients muse, "with Chris, it's not about contracting, it's about people." Whether negotiated, cost plus or fixed, contracts are set according to the method desired by the client. While Lattanzi's service comes at a premium, it "isn't as outrageous as some in his class."

Representative Client Comments:
"Chris is very earnest. His crew is wonderful. Everyone works hard. There are no shenanigans." "So honest about costs and timing. It's unheard of." "When my grandmother had a stroke, Chris walked the house with the physical therapist and outfitted the whole place to accommodate her condition before she returned from the hospital. It wasn't worth his time in dollars and cents, but he did it." "Chris is for people who are willing to pay a little extra for the best level of integrity, service, communication and relationship with subs." "Never had the subs argue about responsibility." "Introduced to a number of friends." "If there's ever a problem, he's there. We had a leak in a rainstorm and he was right there with a roofer and laborer."

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