Franklin Report Report Card for Orkin Pest Control in Los Angeles
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Orkin Pest Control
824 Walnut Grove Avenue
San Gabriel, CA 91776
(877) 250-1652
Main Contact: Gary Strumlauf
Pest Control

Services & Specialties
Residential and commercial pest control, termite service

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FR Review:
Orkin Pest Control a national company founded in 1901, has several branch offices serving the Los Angeles area. Offering pest control and termite services, sources say that Orkin customizes "de-bugging" plans depending on the particular situation. Clients tell us that trained crews will diagnose the problem and then formulate a multi-step solution to get rid it and prevent it from returning. We hear that the staff is knowledgeable and sympathetic to the individual needs of their customers. For example, Orkin is known to give special care to households with small children and pets, making sure the cure has maximum exposure to the pest and minimum exposure to the people and pets living there.

Prices have been described as competitive. In addition, Orkin offers a satisfaction guarantee, which adds up to piece of mind for customers, but not for what's bugging them.

Representative Client Comments:
"They really seemed to know what they were doing." "No hassles; they did what they said they would." "The ant problem I had would not go away." "I tried other companies before I found Orkin, and only they seemed to get rid of my bug problems."

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