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Paulin Paris
13703 Cordary Avenue,
Suites 6-8
Hawthorne, CA 90250
(310) 644-3709
Main Contact: Carmen Thomas
Painters - Decorative, Wallpaperers & Colorists

Services & Specialties
Superb high-end decorative painting, sculptures and murals

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FR Review:
The spectacular creations of Paulin Paris grace the fashion houses of Dior and Valentino, the Zuber fabric and wallpaper studio, and elite homes around the world. Trained at the Ecole des Beaux Arts, this master takes his inspiration from the gilded past—but creates murals, paintings and sculptures that exude modern allure. But lest you think of Paris as an "artiste," please note that references applaud his willingness to tailor his vision to the client's desires. In fact, insiders roundly praise Paris's ability to approach a project as an artist, but also work alongside the architect and designer.

Throughout his career, Paris has traveled from his native France to exclusive homes around the globe. He divides his time between studios in New York, Paris and Los Angeles, where he works on murals, paintings and sculptures, and handles five to six big projects per year. An average project takes roughly two months and a hefty investment, but no one's complaining. In fact, Paris's fellow artists at the most elite levels of fashion design are clamoring for his time—a sure indicator of the brilliance of his work.

Representative Client Comments:
"I have never seen such beautiful work!" "If you can afford him, you will spend the rest of your life admiring his work." "Paris is extraordinarily talented, and a wonderful person as well."

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