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Stephen Wang + Associates Architects PLLC

950 Third Avenue
Fourth Floor
New York, NY 10022
(212) 829-9494


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Services & Specialties
Personalized, joyful, creative residential architecture

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FR Review:
Sought out by movie stars and celebrity bankers, Stephen Wang fills rooms with creative exuberance, and clients respond with praise and devotion. With capabilities in a wide variety of design genres, his greatest strength is his ability to listen and deliver. Whether it is full-on mahogany paneling, Continental chic, or industrial modern with panache, Wang understands dreams and works extremely hard to please. He is said to be very detail-oriented, attending all client meetings and usually managing the overall process. Furthermore, clients cite Wang's even-keeled temperament as a major factor contributing to a "pleasant, successful experience."

Of Norwegian heritage and born and raised in Australia, Wang wanted to be an architect from the age of 12. After working in architecture for a time in Australia and Europe, he won a scholarship to study sustainable design in the US in 1988. Soon after, he started his own practice in New York. The firm remains small, with eight on staff usually handling about ten major projects at a time in the upper end of the market. Often working with the finest decorators, Wang does extensive renovations and also magically combines multiple townhouses or apartments, creating truly unique New York spaces. New homes have been built in the Hamptons, Greenwich, Miami, Malibu, London and Turks & Caicos, following the client to their personal paradise. Wang also has done significant corporate work for these same clients who can not imagine using another architect. Wang has capable project managers (with the firm six to fourteen years) on every job, but is known as a bit of a "control freak," staying on top of every aspect, much to the clients' delight.

The firm will take on projects as small as $200,000, although most are larger including serious transformations for Madonna and Mary Tyler Moore. For mere mortals, Wang will start with a few rooms and create what is best for the client. The company philosophy stands on a metaphorical tripod with cost, time and aesthetic in harmonious balance. Younger clients get fresh éclat and empty nesters joyful luxury. Wang's fee is quite modest and materials options are broad (“no white ebony in the country”), with the work quality first rate. Reportedly, the firm has excellent cost analysis programming and communications, with regular modulation. Clients praise the journey and the outcome.

Representative Client Comments:
"Clients LOVE them, they keep things running smoothly." "Traditional. Creative. They do different things." "Highest quality; does special things on Park Avenue." "Impeccable taste, innovative design." "Very able to take the client's intent and enhance beautifully." "Not at all a formulaic approach. They take pride in providing outstanding service." "Very hands-on in every aspect. Managed the entire construction process." "Stephen enjoys every part of the process down to the furniture level." "Among the most charming in the business." "His intensity is totally a benefit to the project." "Stephen succeeds with complicated, risky projects with tenacity and wit." "One of the only businesses that actually believes that the client is right." "Responsive, detail-oriented, even-tempered." "In a word: user-friendly."

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