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Bill Jackson
3510 South Barrington Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90066
(310) 397-1708
Main Contact: Bill Jackson
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Painters & Wallpaperers
Painters - Decorative

Services & Specialties
Straight and decorative painting and finishing

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FR Review:
You won't find Bill Jackson in the yellow pages - he doesn't need to be, since he's swamped with referrals. We're told Jackson and his team can handle any painting challenge; from straight painting to decorative effects and full finish, Jackson's work is routinely described as "gorgeous." We also hear that this easygoing principal is a dedicated, hardworking professional with over decades of experience.

Jackson puts all that experience to work in some of LA's high-profile residences and commercial locations, tending to every job personally. Admirers say that when you turn over your home to Jackson, you're certain to receive the absolute best care. Clients appreciate his diligence and professionalism, and several say they refuse to go elsewhere. Those lucky enough to have discovered Jackson (usually through the best interior designers) say the work of this small and highly personalized company is well worth the expense.

Representative Client Comments:
"More than I wanted to pay, but fabulous." "Bill is really great. He is talented, easy to work with and very, very experienced."

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