Franklin Report Report Card for Jakeway Finishes in Los Angeles
★ Franklin Report Card
Jakeway Finishes
5327 Parmerton Avenue
Temple City, CA 91780
(626) 253-1255
Main Contact: Jim Jakeway
Painters - Decorative, Wallpaperers & Colorists

Services & Specialties
Decorative painting, murals on canvas, cabinet finishes

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FR Review:
The largely self-taught Jim Jakeway delights both decorators and homeowners, who can't decide what tickles them more—his terrific work or his winning personality. Well-versed in all types of decorative painting, from faux finishing and glazing to inlaid hardwood floors and cabinet work, Jakeway also excels at ornamental painting. Turns out this jack-of-all-trades is a whiz at murals, too, which he puts on canvas so owners can take them when they move. Clients adore his children's murals, which they describe as whimsical, fun and "executed with passion."

Jakeway Finishes has been beautifying the homes of high-end clients in the Los Angeles area for over a decade, at what are described as less expensive rates. In addition to his great technical talent, Jakeway is said to be personable and easygoing. A true professional, Jakeway "takes a great deal of pride in every project," and will not rest until he meets his own high standards.

Representative Client Comments:
"There is rarely a day that passes that we don't notice and appreciate the exceptional talent he brought to our project." "Jim truly appreciated and understood the importance of what we were trying to accomplish in our home." "Jim is passionate concerning the quality and integrity of his trade." "His color sense is extraordinary, and he can create great beauty." "His ceiling work is tremendous."

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