Franklin Report Report Card for Hendrix/Allardyce in Los Angeles
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8721 Beverly Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90048
(310) 659-8721
Main Contact: Tom Allardyce, Illya Hendrix
Interior Design

Services & Specialties
Grand, original, evocative interior design

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FR Review:
Illya Hendrix and Tom Allardyce have established themselves among the elite of Los Angeles's design circle. Their unique look mixes high style with innovative furnishings and customized backgrounds to create intoxicating, dramatic settings. All styles and periods are called upon, but the most frequently featured are eighteenth- and nineteenth-century English, French and Italian antiques, and recreations of the highest quality. Quintessentially Californian, the pair develop oases of generous luxury, with no expense spared.

Allardyce, a Texas native, studied business, while Hendrix, hailing from Arizona, studied psychology. Partners since 1980, clients describe the two as "incredible bookends," balancing business and design. Typical residential commissions are from 20,000 to 30,000 square feet and are generally fully embellished with plaster moldings, rich textiles and exotic woods. The firm employs a staff of thirteen, including four full-time draftsmen, and most projects include substantial architectural reconfigurations. The finest craftsmen are employed, from "magnificent marble fabricators" to "the ultimate ironworkers." The designers charge a very substantial up-front design fee and standard product markups. Not unusual are budgets in the $1 million range, with clients reporting that the firm assumes "an open checkbook." Architectural Digest has featured the firm over twenty times (including a cover story on Rod Stewart), solidifying its position in the industry. Many clients are very loyal, several having completed multiple projects, exclaiming that they "felt privileged to work with Tom and Illya." AD 100.

Representative Client Comments:
"Offering the crème de la crème." "Everything they touch is of the finest quality." "The office staff is the best in the business." "As if you were living on a highly stylized set." "Not much patina, but a lot of panache." "I liken their furnishings and extensive accoutrements to fine jewelry." "We were quite overwhelmed by the level of quality and cost." "It is like living in the world's finest hotel." "The client list is incredible, and the client service is impeccable." "As an architect, I appreciated their detailed and accurate drawings." "We fell in love with Tom and Illya. The ultimate result for the ultimate price."

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