Franklin Report Report Card for Mark Boone, Inc. in Los Angeles
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Mark Boone, Inc.

8687 Melrose Avenue, Suite G168
Los Angeles, CA 90069
(310) 855-2567
Main Contact: Mark Boone

Interior Design

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Services & Specialties
Characteristic, luxurious, organically influenced interior design

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FR Review:
Corralling a wide spectrum of globally influenced product into sophisticated arrangements, Mark Boone's work is no longer rustic, but you can still put your boots up. Adding to his signature predilection for organic materials and quiet palettes, Boone is focusing more attention on a dialogue between the antique and the modern, rounded out by a streamlined approach.

Boone, raised in Virginia, received a degree in architecture from Virginia Tech and trained with some of the best, including an esteemed interior design firm in Virginia and the renowned Baker, Knapp & Tubbs. While there are fifteen on staff (most in product design), clients say they enjoy excellent attention from Boone. About half of the commissions are in LA and half in resort communities, such as Aspen, Indian Wells, La Jolla, and Sonoma County. The designer's favorite couture creations for clients form the inspiration for his furniture line Mimi London.

The firm generally takes on whole houses, either from the ground up or complete renovations. The designers are open to all economic price points—if the look suits—including calico curtains at $3 a yard. Flat, standard design and product fees are most often arranged to avoid any conflicts on product pricing, and budgets are said to have meaning. Many patrons start with a country house that is more relaxed yet elegant, finding themselves so happy with the result that they move on to the more formal house in town. AD 100.

Representative Client Comments:
"Giants in the industry. Everyone respects them." "Mark is clear and specific. It is a pleasure dealing with the team." "He completely gets it. Very thoughtful and personable." "A Western attitude with wide open spaces and broad gestures, but now done for silk stockings." "He helped me stage a ‘clutter intervention program' for my husband's endless collections with grace." "While they are celebrated for their Western log homes, they did a stunning country home for me that is like a little piece of England." "They tend to use unusual objects in unusual ways." "While much of the furniture is new, it looks antique with a wonderful patina." "Mark agilely combines the rough-hewn with the elegant creating glamour." "It magically all came together and looked like it had been there for years."

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