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Ron Wilson Interiors

303 North June Street
Los Angeles, CA 90004
(310) 276-0666
Main Contact: Joe Guidera

Interior Design

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Services & Specialties
Sumptuous, dramatic, dashing interior design

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FR Review:
Best known for its nineteen opulent extravaganzas for Cher, Ron Wilson Interiors delivers the dream. For those less dramatic, the firm's designs can be more moderate but are still imposing, with at least one sensational aspect per room. Be it a 700 AD Roman statue, an overscaled, turreted ceiling, or a gigantic limestone mantelpiece, all preside over generously scaled furniture and luxurious details. Suede, mohair, silk, satin, and velvet are fabrics of choice, while collections of prints, porcelains, panels, and bronzes fill in the gaps.

Owner Joe Guidera oversees a small staff of three and is personally involved with each project. About ten commissions are done at a time, the vast majority of which have been in the LA area, and about half for the entertainment industry. Typical projects are over the million-dollar mark, with living rooms ranging from $120,000 to "the sky is the limit." Complete drawings are usually created before embarking upon purchasing. There is a high, flat design fee billed out over the course of the project, and standard product markups. While some clients feel they are offered a breadth of economic and stylistic choices, others feel that the firm is limited to the gallant. AD 100.

Representative Client Comments:
"Ron is comfortable with the largest of projects and easily takes charge." "He is very articulate and explains the process to us step by step." "Ron has a big personality, but is candid and honest." "Even the pot racks are overscaled." "I needed pictures of every purchase along with the bills, and the office has been excellent about providing this." "There is a good mix of fab antiques and repro. Not everything is over the top." "Ron is not the most sensitive to economic constraints." "He really wants to create something unique and beautiful." "His visions are spectacular, but the details do not always follow." "I always felt confident that he was on track." "He is a super professional—as a lawyer, I appreciate this."

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