Franklin Report Report Card for Suzanne Rheinstein & Associates in Los Angeles
★ Franklin Report Card
Suzanne Rheinstein & Associates
1720 Whitley Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90028
(310) 550-8900
Main Contact: Suzanne Rheinstein
Interior Design

Services & Specialties
Luxurious, classical interior design with verve

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FR Review:
A leader in the LA design community, Suzanne Rheinstein eloquently introduces new design concepts while embracing classical traditions. Prints, patterns, silks and toiles are dominant players but are clarified to distinction. An indomitable force of creativity and function, her spaces are known to be elegant without being pretentious, heightened with joie de vivre and grace. She does sprawling Virginia horse farms and Hancock Park homes with equal ease, balance and charm, and her work is always geared to family traditions.

Rheinstein's classical New Orleans heritage taught her to appreciate the beauty and comfort of patina. Working collaboratively since 1994, Rheinstein is involved with every project, regardless of size, offering good balance and full coverage. About six major new projects are taken on each year, many from the ground up, with Rheinstein adding great insights to architectural plans. Hollyhock, a hot retail destination spot for many other designers and the public at large, carries her choice array of eighteenth- and nineteenth-century antiques and several exclusive home design lines.

As Hollyhock is the financial engine of the operation, the design business is priced quite reasonably, albeit with expectations for a certain level of quality. Standard design fees and product commissions are charged by the firm, with no hourly rates. Clients return regularly for a remix or a complete renovation, and highly recommend the team to friends. HB Top Designers. Elle Decor A-list. AD 100.

Representative Client Comments:
"This is the real thing; not faux glamour." "She is one of the very few in LA who understand what genteel really means." "You have to understand and appreciate the look." "There is an incredible warmth of character with Suzanne that builds with the relationship." "She understands that I had a life before I met them, and graciously integrated my possessions with the new." "By reupholstering and changing the furniture around, much from room to room, we got a whole new look without buying much." "So creative with something as simple and economic as a grosgrain ribbon." "You get Suzanne, not a junior associate." "She aligns the grand and the humble." "Suzanne challenges you, yet she is remarkably understanding and practical." "While known for inspired traditional, she can also do Asian-zen fabulously." "We would go nowhere else."

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