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Anacapa Window & Carpet Cleaning
3920 Inglewood Boulevard, Suite 5
Los Angeles, CA 90066
(310) 398-3214
Main Contact: Dan Muller
FR Rated
Window Washers
Carpets & Rugs - Cleaning & Repair
Upholstery & Window Treatments - Cleaning & Repair

Services & Specialties
Residential/commercial window washing; carpet cleaning

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FR Review:
Dan Mullen has been a one-man band since 1988. For his westside residential and commercial clients, Mullen will wash windows and clean upholstery or carpets. Mullen also does pressure washing. All services are performed on site, and customers say this solo act gets the job done quickly and efficiently.

Mullen works in Bel Air, Culver City, Santa Monica, Marina del Rey and surrounding areas. There is a flat hourly rate to clean windows and carpets. Prices are described as moderate, and in light of Mullen's brisk service, the firm is considered a good value.

Representative Client Comments:
"Dan is a quiet and efficient man." "He gets the job done with minimal mess."

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Posted 1/6/2011
Reviewed By:
MissElizabeth Los Angeles, CA

Bottom Line:
I would definitely recommend Anacapa Window
Work Quality
Cost Evaluation
Value Analysis
Project Description & Comments:
I have received the most professional service through Anacapa Window & Carpet Cleaning. The prices are extremely reasonable and I cannot imagine having anyone else doing a better job than him. I am thankful to have such a reliable source for all of my window & carpet cleaning needs.

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