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Rob Steiner Inc.
6415 Moore Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90048
(323) 931-4425
Main Contact: Rob Steiner
Landscape Architects & Designers

Services & Specialties
Landscape architecture, design and project coordination

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FR Review:
We're told Rob Steiner will design everything from the skin of a house out, accepting projects that range in scale from Zen courtyards to multi-acre estates. Steiner's diverse palettes include Mediterranean, native, South African and Australian flora. While industry insiders hold his modern and Mediterranean gardens in particularly high regard, Steiner has proven his expertise with a wide range of architectural styles. Clients agree that he succeeds in his effort to "create spaces of privacy, refreshment and reflection."

Steiner received his formal training in Landscape Architecture at Yale and Cornell. After working with Peridian International and partnering with LA landscape luminary Jay Griffith, he struck out on his own in 1999. Despite the firm's micro-size (two), Steiner is known to be a very conscientious and professional macro-manager, shepherding ten to twenty projects at a time. He charges a design fee as a percentage of the total landscape construction costs and will occasionally work at an hourly rate. It's clear that Steiner is the real deal, which may be why clients are surprised to discover that his prices are a real deal.

Representative Client Comments:
"Rob Steiner is an artist who happens to use plants, earth, stone and water as his media, but all the while he retains a practical sense of how his projects will be used by the clients." "My architect recommended him and I decided to use him the day we met." "He was fabulous to work with." "Rob was very conscious of my budget and my goals on the project. He was a pleasure to work with and I recommend him highly." "Great design ideas, highly accommodating to client's tastes and needs." "Good supervision of subcontractors."

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