Franklin Report Report Card for David Desmond, Inc. in Los Angeles
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David Desmond, Inc.
1360 North Crescent Heights Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90046
(323) 650-0492
Main Contact: David Desmond
Interior Design

Services & Specialties
Streamlined, classical, fusion interior design

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FR Review:
Roundly applauded for his professionalism and educated point of view leaning toward classical modernism, David Desmond has built a devoted clientele. A man who excels at whatever he does, Desmond graduated from Williams College with honors in French, after spending his junior year at the Sorbonne. After college, he returned to Paris for four years where he formally studied art, architecture and design. Temporarily changing his course but not his drive, Desmond received a law degree from UCLA, passed the California bar and practiced law for five years. Returning to his creative passion, Desmond studied design at UCLA by night while handling class-action suits by day. Soon his UCLA professor, the respected Antonia Hutt, convinced Desmond to quit his day job and work with her. Since launching his own firm in 2000, Desmond has been known to present alternatives until receiving an "A+" from the client.

Desmond's years in France forged the essence of his design style, which is classically based and continentally influenced. Appropriate scale, bountiful color and the harmony of light are at the foundation of his work today. Supporters say that Desmond's cleaner, more modern elements beautifully offset the historically fabulous. Alternatively, rooms may be created with more saturated layers from diverse sources, commingling the fine and the personally meaningful.

The firm often takes a phased approach—smaller projects often become larger as budgets allow. Rooms can be developed with a mix of the great and the good, many incorporating owners' collections. A small design fee is taken up front, with lower product markup and hourlies only for non-product time. Desmond appreciates the fine but considers all. Clients also laud Desmond's effectiveness and easy manner. As a very small firm, Desmond can ensure highly personalized service and a polished finished product.

Representative Client Comments:
"David is by far the most competent and responsive interior decorator we have ever seen." "He never pushes costly options when more reasonable alternatives make sense." "Delightful and charming personality." "David is a great listener, a quick study and an effective communicator, making everything crystal clear to us along the way." "Working at a major antiques house, I have seen lots of decorators come and go. David will rise to any occasion." "David has a passion that is only possible in a second career born of a love for his subject." "David's presentations are stellar—he gave us room-by-room furniture charts." "He can be a bit focused." "David is not at all a snob. He works with what you have and is hugely collaborative." "While not cheap, a bargain at any price. We would not consider using anyone else."

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