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Bruce Liebert
1510 North Los Palmas Avenue,
Suite 3
Los Angeles, CA 90019
(323) 461-1007
Main Contact: Bruce Liebert

Services & Specialties
Lighting design

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FR Review:
Bruce Liebert's corporate work includes lighting designs for Geico and Verizon, but sources say Liebert's genius lies in creating environments without that commercial feeling. His museum-caliber lighting blends high-tech industrial and decorative fixtures to create friendly, warm interiors for residential and commercial spaces. He may illuminate artwork, or design ingenious, task-specific lighting.

Liebert got his start in San Francisco, where he imported lighting and furniture. In 1992, he turned his focus to lighting design. Today, Liebert works for both homeowners and design professionals, who report there are few who operate at his level. He is equally at home designing a lighting scheme for a single room or a new 15,000 square foot mansion.

Though he doesn't do installations, he will oversee contractors to make sure everything is done right. At the end of the job Liebert always comes in for editing and focusing—adjusting filters, grills and lenses for maximum effect. While we hear Liebert pushes the limits of technology, he is careful to make sure his clients are comfortable at the controls of their dimming systems and home entertainment networks. Liebert's fees are based on construction budget or square footage, and he charges $125 an hour for consulting. While the cost is at the high end of the scale, so is the client satisfaction.

Representative Client Comments:
"My interior designer brought him in on a remodeling job for one room. We ended up having him light our entire garden exterior." "An artist with light."

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