Franklin Report Report Card for Bonded Electric Construction in Los Angeles
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Bonded Electric Construction
4284 Sawtelle Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90066
(310) 636-1060
Main Contact: Ronald Jay
Security Systems

Services & Specialties
Electrical installation and service

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FR Review:
The best general contractors in Los Angeles have an unbreakable bond with this can-do company. Founded in the early 1950s, Bonded Electric has remained true to its old-fashioned work ethic. The firm focuses on significant high-end residential installations, often in the five-figure square foot range. It also does commercial, retail and restaurant work. For past clients only, Bonded will take on service calls and small jobs. In fact, the company has three electricians who are solely dedicated to servicing Bonded's existing clientele and will do absolutely everything, right down to removing Christmas tree lights.

Ronald Jay helms Bonded today, but his 84-year-old dad Raymond (one of the firm's "founding brothers") still shows up for work. Bonded fields a team of more than 40 men and women. Many are long-standing employees, and all are connected to e-mail. The company's online help desk can walk clients through common questions and answers. Sources say Bonded's personnel are service-oriented and trustworthy. They work as a true team and are quick to help each other out in a crunch.

The firm also provides schematic, home automation and lighting design services, and installs video surveillance and motion detectors. It does no security programming. A 24-hour answering service is available for existing clients. While Bonded projects boast big budgets, its hourly service rates are as competitive as anyone's.

Representative Client Comments:
"Spectacular." "Ronald and his boys will always be my first choice, because I've known the company since his father was running it." "Just knowing they'll be on the job gives me confidence. I know I don't have to worry about them."

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