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Katie Moss Landscape Design
1233 North Tigertail Road
Brentwood, CA 90049
(310) 569-5333
Main Contact: Katie Moss
Landscape Architects & Designers

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Personalized, integrated landscape design, installation and maintenance

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FR Review:
Put best by a longtime colleague, in the same way the right hairstyle can reveal all the best angles of the face, Katie Moss’s landscape designs compliment the home and complete the canvas. Once noted for her English gardens, Moss works in all styles and scopes, the defining look being one of natural, timeless—and functional—beauty. Whether a meditative zen garden spread out over acres, a more architectural hardscape for backyard entertaining, or native grasses surrounding a hillside perch with sweeping canyon views, each project addresses both the needs and desires of the client at hand. Sources appreciate Moss's extensive knowledge of Southern California species, and say no matter the landscape, the look is as if it was always there.

After having studied landscape architecture extensively as well as many other design mediums, Moss initially put her talents to use in her own yard; friends and passersby took notice and were soon recruiting her to design their gardens. Twenty-plus years later, working throughout the Palisades, Brentwood, Westwood, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica and Bel Air, Moss has built a flourishing business as good word of mouth spreads from yard to yard. Treating her clients like neighbors and her crew like family, Moss creates the kind of working environment where everyone is on the same page, nailing the look each time. After a standard fee for an initial two hour consultation, the design fee is based on a percentage of the total landscape construction cost. Satisfied clients tell us they are enchanted with the simple beauty of the designs, and are willing to pay a premium for her services.

Representative Client Comments:
"Her gardens have a huge amount of curb appeal." "Katie has been working with the same crew since Day 1, which is crucial in getting the look just right." "It's the small—but impactful—considerations that keep her clients close; like planting rose bushes along the massive windows of a breakfast nook, giving just enough privacy to do away with blinds and provide a stunning view all at once." "I still think her best work to this day is her own home. There are just so many levels and layers and every kind of fruit tree you can think of. It's really something you have to experience in person." "All of Katie's projects look as if they were meant to be there, it never has that 'remodeled' look to it." "She really pays attention to how you use your outdoor space and caters to that; it's never a signature style she's trying to achieve." "While she can stay a bit busy, it at least gives prospective clients the confidence that she's worth the wait."

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