Franklin Report Report Card for Jayne Design Studio Inc.  in Los Angeles
★ Franklin Report Card
Jayne Design Studio Inc.
118 East 28th Street
New York, NY 10016
(212) 838-9080
Main Contact: Thomas Jayne
Interior Design

Services & Specialties
Historically-based, spirited American interior design

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FR Review:
Thomas Jayne effortlessly builds character, tradition, and contrast? into his compositions. While retaining an enlightened historic mood, he adds levity and a modern perspective with spirited colors and updated accents. Best known for designs showcasing ?fine American heritage, his work broadly runs from Colonial Revival to Continental, incorporating traditional elements with a contemporary flair to create comfortable and sophisticated rooms. Jayne offers the singular viewpoint of knowing history and wanting to make new decoration.

Jayne is a graduate of the University of Oregon School of Applied Arts, and earned his master’s degree from the University of Delaware, training in American material culture and the decorative? ?arts at Winterthur. In addition to his formal education, Jayne held fellowships at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Historic Deerfield, and the J. Paul Getty Museum and positions at Christie’s, Parish-Hadley, and Kevin McNamara before opening his own firm in 1990. The studio has a varied clientele, from families, to series collectors, to young clients just starting out and seeking reliable advice. Many are repeat customers—one or two own five residences, all decorated by Jayne; by the time the fifth house is completed, it's time to do the first one over again. Projects are structured with Jayne and the support of his project decorators who are accomplished in their own right. Most clients note that Jayne is captivating company, and others say he can be charmingly intent. All, however, remark that he meets the important deadlines and is extremely conscientious.

Jayne has a strong preference for beautiful high-end fabrics, substantial rugs and quality furnishings and the firm works diligently to suit the needs of each individual client. The firm charges retail on products and a standard markup on antiques. Jayne works on projects nationally and? ?globally, including an array of Manhattan townhouses, a variety of homes in Southern California, and preservation projects in England. These range greatly in size, from impressive estates and one-bedroom apartments to country homes and quaint beach houses. Jayne is highly recommended by serious collectors of American antiques and others looking for intelligent quality with a modern twist. HB Top Designer. ELLE Décor A-List. AD 100.

Representative Client Comments:
"No one knows how to make historical American furnishings sing more joyfully than Thomas." "Working with Thomas is like a really good addiction—it is hard to stop once you get going." "He knows when he is right, but patiently waits for you to come around." "Timing used to be an issue, but now he has a hyper-efficient back office." "He is clearly worth waiting for. He is always direct about timing and treated us with the utmost respect." "He has a passion for doing things the right way, starting with the architectural bones." "When the rectory of his church was in disrepair, he took it upon himself to refurbish it." "He has amazing common sense, great judgment and an original, dry wit." "Thomas reflects the embodiment of place in a thoughtful, artistic and amazing way." "One of a kind."

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