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Cliff May
By Appointment Only
West Hills, CA 91307
(818) 634-6552
Main Contact: Cliff May
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Furniture Repair & Refinishing
Millwork & Cabinetry

Services & Specialties
Fine French polishing, furniture restoration and period reproductions

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FR Review:
Cliff May is one of that rare breed of local artisans trained in the craft of Old-World antique restoration; we're told May will finish everything from chairs to mirrors in all styles, all periods. After fifteen years' experience working with his father in London, May brought his expertise in French polishing to Los Angeles in 1987. He studied antique restoration at London's College of Furniture, where he learned gold leaf and other styles. Clients appreciate May's knowledge of French polishing as well as his ability to restore badly damaged pieces. He is also noted for his uncanny ability to maintain valuable pieces without leaving so much as a trace that someone has worked on them. Sources tell us that in addition to his many skills of preservation, he can also make new pieces appear as authentically old as a piece from the eighteenth century.

Many of May's significant projects come to him via decorators and contractors, although he will deal with the public for projects as small as a single piece. May has been known to take his skills on the road, traveling to Zurich, New York City and Florida at his client's behest. All work is done on location. May personally oversees each project, working with a crew that fluctuates between four and twelve members, depending on how busy he is. We're told he works seamlessly with decorators in coordinating and finishing a project. While some may have to endure a short wait for his services, clients applaud his extraordinary work.

Representative Client Comments:
"Exquisite craftsmanship." "I wouldn't think of going to another person for French polishing." "This kind of work is in his blood, and it shows in the care he puts into each piece." "A charming old soul. A pleasure to work with."

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