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Barton Phelps & Associates Architects
10256 Lelia Lane
Los Angeles, CA 90077
(310) 234-0842
Main Contact: Barton Phelps

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Contemporary, light-imbued, personalized architecture

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FR Review:
Combining a reverence for unique landscapes and the masterful use of natural light and spatial sequence with a broad humanistic outlook, Barton Phelps produces work that clients tell us "transcends style." Working in a relaxed, intimate way, Phelps' and his associates first meticulously analyze sites and client desires in initial design studies and then plan, design and execute distinctly contemporary forms and spaces rich in natural materials and colors. Phelps successfully blends the context of the site, lifestyle of the client and the character of the home into an "exciting and livable" end product. He is also known for designing inventive,"humanizing" interior office spaces.ients find the accessible.

Clients find the accessible Phelps to be "very bright and very talented," offering "options every step of the way." His focus is mentioned as frequently as his impressive pedigree. He holds a BA in art from Williams College and a Master's in Architecture from Yale, and he trained with Frank Gehry and the late Charles Moore. Phelps created his own firm in 1984.

Phelps and his staff of seven take on about three to five residential projects each year, both renovation/additions and ground-up homes from 3,000 to 20,000 square feet. About 40 percent of the firm's commissions are residential, with the balance comprised of larger projects, including university buildings, libraries, aquariums and prep schools. Clients comment that the firm is "plugged into the dramatically changing market" of products and materials, which helps to keep the budgets in line. However, at $600+ per square foot, these budgets are "in line" for those looking for a distinctive experience and a result that is the very "top of the line in every way."

Representative Client Comments:
"The house doesn't scream at you about how different it is, yet it's undeniably unique." "He adapts design in ways that are practical for the client, yet maintains his own architectural identity." "To Barton, an interesting setting makes an interesting house." "He uses conventional materials and forms, but creates something both ordinary and incredible." "Great historical perspective." "While I know we are small potatoes in his world, he was always there for us." "I told Barton that I thought he was crazy to try some of the things he did with my house. It turns out I was the crazy one, because I just love what he did."

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