Franklin Report Report Card for Trip Haenisch & Associates, Inc.  in Los Angeles
★ Franklin Report Card
Trip Haenisch & Associates, Inc.
658 North Crescent Heights Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90048
(323) 651-4445
Main Contact: Trip Haenisch
Interior Design

Services & Specialties
Unabashedly pedigreed, layered-yet-refined interior design

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FR Review:
While others say they do eclectic, Trip Haenisch creates a bold new consciousness with compositions of extravagant fantasy and clear refinement. Most rooms contain heavy continental influences, exotically layered into a fusion of color and drama. Ornately turned French, English, Indonesian, Spanish colonial, Middle Eastern, Moroccan, Italian, and especially quirky Portuguese antiques and ornaments lay side by side. Remarkably, other interiors are stunningly classic traditional, and yet others are disciplined modern with an unspoken air of history established by fine antiques or a luxurious rug. Clients and peers alike have stood up and noticed.

Ralph Haenisch majored in business at the University of Kansas, and co-owns Waldo Collections along with Waldo Fernandez. Martyn Lawrence-Bullard, a classically trained actor, moved to LA from London hoping to become a movie star. When he was anointed to do Cheryl Tiegs's massive home, Lawrence-Bullard called in Haenisch for help, and Martynus-Tripp was formed (the name signifies a Greek god's journey, Martynus being the Greek god of war). Thus, they became decorators to the stars, including Christina Aguilera, Edward Norton, William H. Macy and Felicity Huffman. Since 1996, there have been six on staff doing about eight large projects at a time. Lawrence-Bullard and Haenisch tend to work on most jobs together, including, currently, a 25-bedroom château in the Loire Valley and a massive hunting lodge in Cape Town.
Lawrence-Bullard, an antiques dealer from the age of twelve, has a special fondness for all things with a warm patina. The firm often mixes the old with the new (especially from their own line, Martynus) to modernize the look. Fabrics may be used from the $10 to $400 range. The up-front design fee is actually low and the product commissions are low, but the cost of product can certainly add up. Clients are overwhelmed with the beauty of the finished product.

Representative Client Comments:
"Martyn will get involved with so many of the architectural details, like the alignment of the antique limestone floor—which took the project from just very good to amazing." "He would shop with me and clearly refined my taste, but did it in such a gracious way." "Tripp not only considers hue but has a wonderful innate sense for the interplay of texture, which is what makes the rooms come alive." "They absolutely understood our vision, turned up the volume and created a masterpiece." "As a photographer for AD, I see it all. Great things can be expected from this design team." "Clients often become friends." "Becoming an influential part of the design community in LA."

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