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Chu + Gooding Architects

818 South Broadway, Suite 1001
Los Angeles, CA 90014
(213) 623-8833
Main Contact: Annie Chu
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Services & Specialties
Modern, uplifting, artistic architecture

FR Review:
Annie Chu and her husband Rick Gooding are said to "elevate the architectural experience" with their intelligence, eloquence and willingness to work with clients and collaborators. Chu and Gooding founded their firm on the conviction that an environment must be both beautiful and useful, exuding a "poetic materiality" that reflects both the emotional quality and the sensuality of the space. Bright and becoming, their work transcends stark modernism, arriving at a clean, post-modern aesthetic utility. Clients happily report that the principals, including longtime partner Michael Matteucci, are as warm as their luminescent designs and light-splashed interiors.

Chu and Gooding collaborated on their first project in 1987 and formally established the company in 1996. Both studied with architectural icons—Chu with Frank Israel, Gooding with Richard Meier, and both with Tod Williams Billie Tsien Partners in New York—and both hold architecture degrees from SCI-Arc and Columbia University. They garnered great laurels in 2002, when their firm was selected to design the interiors of two floors in Frank Gehry's LA Philharmonic Center. They have continued to build an award-winning portfolio of memorable homes for design-savvy clients.

With three principal architects and a modest support staff, Chu + Gooding takes on about ten projects annually, about a third of which are residential homes averaging 3,000 square feet. The lion's share of the firm's work comes from Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Venice, and Brentwood, but Chu + Gooding has also worked in New York City, Kentucky, Ireland and the Netherlands. The cost of residential design with this highly respected firm comes in at $200 to $400 per square foot—an expense we're told is well worth it.

Representative Client Comments:
"Absolutely fabulous. They are easy to work with, and they have an uncanny understanding of space and how to mold it." "Annie is so great. She listens. Never talks at you. Really loves to hear your ideas but will guide you and educate you along the way." "I chose them because they were the only architects who I felt really listened and seemed to care about my dream project." "They elevate the whole team—makes everyone work in a collaborative manner." "Annie really displayed, both verbally and through drawings, an amazing grasp of form and function." "I am in the building business myself, and I was so impressed by their intellectual quality. But they were never intimidating." "Dramatic, happy, clean rooms with upsweeping lines."

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