Franklin Report Report Card for Waldo's Designs in Los Angeles
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Waldo's Designs
620 North Almont Drive
West Hollywood , CA 90069
(310) 278-1803
Main Contact: Waldo Fernandez
Interior Design

Services & Specialties
Clean, robust, signature interior design

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FR Review:
A master of his genre and a forerunner of the well-recognized modern California streamlined style, Waldo Fernandez is known by all. Consistency of design is a trademark, and clients appreciate that they will understand the end product before the first fabric is chosen. Luxury is created with a few, simple, bold strokes. Neutral colors, classic overstuffed and overscaled upholstery, fine European antiques, Roman antiquities, and French-modern accents meld together in rich harmony. Fernandez is also known to be a pro at implementation, unquestionably capable of pulling off the most complicated or substantial jobs.

The Cuban-born Fernandez came to LA penniless and ended up in set design, working on such films as "Hello Dolly!" and "Doctor Doolittle"—until director John Schlesinger asked him to do his home. Now summers are spent in Malibu East—aka the Hamptons—with other members of the Hollywood elite. Past clients have included Burt Bacharach, Warren Beatty, Goldie Hawn, Will Smith, Sean Connery, and Tobey Maguire.

Budgets are not generally a factor in Fernandez commissions. It is said that the minimum is well over $1 million, with Fernandez encouraging clients to buy the very best they can afford. Clients are happy to let Fernandez take control, which is his favorite modus operandi. About three major projects are taken on at a time with a small staff. Fernandez's trademark furniture line may be seen at his shop at the address above. While there are many repeat and very satisfied clients, customers who want a different spin may next head toward another designer. HB Top Designers. AD 100 2019.

Representative Client Comments:
"What you see is what you get. And it is truly inspired." "Waldo believes that less is more, encouraging you to buy a few truly great pieces." "It can take five phone calls before his office will call you back." "I was left holding on the line for four minutes, and they were calling me with a question." "Waldo is a very decent person, but clearly a control freak." "He fulfills his clients' fantasies—Elizabeth got white shag rugs and others got an eighteenth-century Italian villa." "He is an original master of the California look, and while he has modified and refined that look, he is true to his hallmark." "Not big on organizational management." "He can somehow create subtlety and greatness in the same room." "Waldo is a design icon—he brought all of California to the next level."

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