Franklin Report Report Card for Craig Wright LLC in Los Angeles
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Craig Wright LLC

71845 Sahara Road
Rancho Mirage, CA 92270
(310) 657-7655
Main Contact: Craig Wright

Interior Design

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Services & Specialties
Sumptuous, detailed, historically-derived interior design

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FR Review:
Adroitly developing the archetypical California design vernacular, Craig Wright creates rooms with a dazzling sense of wonderment. Building on the client's interests, Wright most often delivers spectacular, lavish, continentally influenced panoramas on a grand scale. For others, more understated "oases of calm" may be realized. Featured in Architectural Digest 38 times, Wright has developed a celebrated following. Described as both sharp and genteel, Wright is said to have "patience beyond belief" and the deepest interest in making the client's dreams come true.

A native Angeleno, Wright studied architecture, fine arts and art history at USC and UCLA. Soon after his first decorating project in 1966, he began making regular shopping forays to Europe for clients, igniting a lifelong passion for antiques. In 1977, Wright founded Quatrain, his antiques (and more recently, reproductions) gallery. Today, most of Wright's interior design business serves many business luminaries in the local area, with a sprinkling of celebrities (Michael Douglas, Dan Aykroyd, James Coburn and assorted barons and baronesses).

A staff of nine assists Wright with about eight large projects at a time, but references feel that Wright develops all the design decisions. Shooting for the finest quality, Wright will often show clients the best first and try to hold the line. Vendors confirm that Wright has an exacting eye, but further mention that he seeks good value for his clients. Drawing rooms make the strongest statement, often boasting curtains "likened to the finest couture gowns." Markups are standard, fine antiques much lower, and there are standard hourlies for non-product time. Clients are unanimously delighted with the process and the result. AD 100, 2000, 2002, 2004.

Representative Client Comments:
"The project was about our lifestyle. Craig really listened—it was never about him." "He opens doors, throughout the US and Europe." "Craig can take care of every interior and exterior detail, but he also welcomed me to become involved." "We would not buy a doorstop without him." "Craig can somehow be both really direct and also incredibly nice." "He will go to any length to make something as small as a welt just right. Days have been spent on a welt." "Craig takes on a good workload, but it is not overwhelming, so we always felt there was sufficient time for us." "His only weakness is that he needs another ten hours a day, because we so enjoy his company." "He is a classic workaholic—getting in and out expeditiously." "When you hire him, you get Craig, not an assistant." "Most of the homes are new, and filled with a dramatic mélange of the magnificent and the comfortable." "While bills can be quite high, late and complicated, you absolutely get what you pay for." "We did not have a budget." "Craig creates his own sense of history—which is the classic California dream."

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