Franklin Report Report Card for Rose Tarlow in Los Angeles
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Rose Tarlow
8540 Melrose Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90069
(310) 461-0700
Main Contact: Rose Tarlow
Interior Design

Services & Specialties
Refined, timeless, effortless interior design

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FR Review:
Rose Tarlow's every design movement is taken as a sign of what is to come. Heralded as the most insightful interior designer in LA, each new line of fabric in her Melrose House showroom brings on waves of redesigned homes and product knock-offs. Tarlow is said to have initiated the concept of the historically referential as applied to the unique California look, resulting in an increased West Coast design awareness.

While most of her time is spent on the extensive product line, Tarlow currently works with two assistants on a few homes, most for friends or those of significant note. Several years were spent with David Geffen on his $47.5 million spread, after reportedly turning him down several times. While no one can predict how or why her famously discerning eye alights upon a certain object and declares it perfect, all agree that she is undeniably correct. Tarlow will try at least twelve paint colors on a wall before even considering a decision. Some say her perfectionism can be trying and sovereign, but most look on adoringly, intently watching a masterpiece being born. Tarlow, on the other hand, appears to take this all in nonchalantly, clear in mind and purpose.

Melrose House was opened in 1975, when there were very few fine-antique dealers in LA. From the very beginning, Tarlow offered an intriguing mix of the old and the new. When European antique prices went sky high in the mid-1980s, Tarlow determined that it was a lot easier and a lot more profitable to create her own originals. Currently, the vast majority of her product is very fine reproduction. Melrose House (trade only) is credited by all for its exemplary products and equally exemplary staff and customer service. AD 100. HB Top Designers. ID Hall of Fame.

Representative Client Comments:
"Rose is always learning and growing, intellectually pursuing the next level." "She is never just evolving in one direction—recently she did a boat, a rustic estate, a Meier minimalist and a Georgian manor. But there is definitely a common, purist view." "She has such an astute mind, no one can match her design acumen." "With the most minor tweaking of the splay of a leg, she turns the ordinary into the extraordinary." "Rose is highly demanding of herself and of those around her, but simultaneously warm and approachable." "She can be quite insistent with the client, and they always see that she was right all along." "The key to Rose's success with her furniture is in the quality of the wood. Nothing but the best will do." "She is on the cutting edge, continually reinventing her look." "Rose is full of life."

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