Franklin Report Report Card for Peter Dunham Design in Los Angeles
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Peter Dunham Design
720 S. Sycamore Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90036
(323) 848-9900
Main Contact: Peter Dunham
Interior Design

Services & Specialties
Atmospheric, friendly, classical interior design

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FR Review:
With a preponderance of charm and the stylistic intelligence to successfully balance class against edge, Peter Dunham has developed an outstanding reputation. Catering to families and to the stars, industry peers say he is star bound himself. Using classical forms and warm colors—highlighted by objects of character with a nod to pedigree—Dunham creates rooms that are livable and joyous. The quirky lives happily side by side with the sublime. Currently, about half the work is traditional with a modern bent, and the other half is contemporary with an educated view of the past.

Dunham grew up in England, France and Spain. After studying language at Oxford and business in Paris, he moved to New York City, landing in high-end residential real estate sales for sixteen years, remodeling several of his own homes along the way. Friends wanted the same, and a design career was launched. Moving to LA in 1998, he set up shop. There are now five on staff to assist with about four major projects at a time, but references say they have Dunham's unfettered attention. With a European sense of scale, a strong point of view and a practical outlook, Dunham now has a stable of clients who report that their design visions have been realized. A fabric line of hand-printed linens was recently launched, reflecting Dunham's cosmopolitan perspective (at Thomas Lavin in LA).

The firm is willing to take on a few rooms, with antiques and family heirlooms employed as much as possible for a "comfortable, lived-in look." Budget is usually focused on the most important elements, with Crate & Barrel and salvage-yard goods used to supplement appropriately. The firm takes no design fee, but will charge a standard product markup and lower hourly rates for non-product hours. For more complex operations, a percentage of construction fee may be taken. Clients are as impressed with Dunham's businesslike approach as his design skills. HB Top Designers, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004.

Representative Client Comments:
"Peter has a very educated and erudite point of view, but makes it work for day-to-day living." "One of the very few people who can use strawberry red and make it work." "He does the unexpected with ease." "Peter really considers the place and time of the house. He would never do Louis XV in a contemporary setting." "Peter takes a tremendous amount of pride in his work, as it is a second career and he is doing what he loves." "There are great presentation boards and he will do the whole dog-and-pony show over until everyone is perfectly satisfied." "Peter has strong opinions, but he is good about adapting to the client's desires." "While he really prefers the $20K mirror, when I say no, he finds excellent alternatives." "I am hooked. I can never go back to overstuffed upholstery. Peter's look is much more sophisticated." "While he does not focus on bargains, it is overall a good value." "It will never look like a hotel." "There is no attitude." "He gets it done." "It is a pleasure working with Peter because he is clear, concise and professional."

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